Jeff Butterworth

Pomegranate, blueberry and acai


This list represents the foods with the highest rating for natural antioxidants as per the ORAC testing methods. Although not 100% accurate as there are other factors related to antioxidant status, it gives a good indication of the food groups most beneficial for reducing oxidation in the body. Consuming foods which have a high ORAC status will benefit health status, detoxification and antiaging. Rating is based on 100gm of the food, hence why spices are higher in the list as they are concentrated. Different regions and soils affect the levels, therefore these units are generalized. All foods listed are high antioxidant foods so the rating is relative.

Extremely High ORAC Foods

Cloves, ground 290,283 oregano, dried 175,295 rosemary, dried 165,280 thyme, dried 157,380 cinnamon, ground 131,420 turmeric, ground 127,068 vanilla beans, dried 122,400 sage, ground 119,929 szechuan pepper, dried 118,400 Acai, fruit pulp/skin, powder 102,700  Rosehip

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